What did you do ’till Christmas?

I have to be honest….

My other post named “All I want for Christmas is you” (in russian)… well, I never really believed I’ll get him for Christmas..!

But I did! So miracles happen after all…. What a nice surprise!

Of course I will not reveal his identity…. But you’ll have a photo…


Long story made short:

This is (in pictures) what I did ’till Christmas….


Singing "Last Christmas" at Moghioros IcePark

Went to 6D movie "The Haunted Mine""

Mr. Michael and Mr. John

Charity at Pinochio Foster Home

Mr. Santa with presents for EVERYBODY

Me about to give this tedybear away... almost couldn't do it!

Me & Mr. Santa & Tweety

Toys Toys Toys and happy boys....

Mr. Santa almost adopted him...:)

Interesting toy

Me & Nicole

I've been cooking... MissB Cake (2010 Creamsnit or Mille-Feuille) everybody said it's delicious!!

Clubbing ...early on 25th of December :D:D:D

Later that night (early 26th) with Raisa...

And finally….. All I want for Christmas is you!

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