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I am here

My life is about making a difference. My job is about making a difference.

Yesterday I started the diet with my fiance. We went early in the morning with our bicycles and had an our of exercise, than we had a freshly squeezed red grapefruit juice – around 9 AM.

At 12PM I ate my snack – a small plain yogurt  with a tablespoon of cereal.

Lunch was a green salad (125 g) with a can of tuna and half of a lemon.

Around 5 PM another snack – walnuts, 2 tablespoons

Dinner was plain Thai rice, baby carrots and 2 small slices of goat cheese.

I ate a little less than 1000 calories and burned around 800!

This diet is more like a lifestyle choice… eating healthy and working out is not extraordinary.. but it seems harder while we get head over hills with work…

If you feel good.. you look a lot better, so this is my first trick for you!!!!


Today I ate different only the salad – it was a mixed cheese (cheese and Gorgonzola) with tomatoes, cucumbers and of course green salad. I also had 30 grams of chocolate. I choose to eat this because yesterday around 4pm I started obsessing about dinner and I felt dizzy and stuff, and I rather eat a bigger salad at noon and have something really light for dinner.

I have a piece of advice: drink loads of water!!! I drink at least 2 l every day and I just feel so good! It makes the difference!

In my work I often meet people who want a change of their look, wardrobe and style.. but I see that the real problem is the way they feel about their body! By the time the look is changed, they already start the “body” revolution. They suddenly realize that all the hiding and disguising of different weaknesses of their body wouldn’t be necessary if they lost weight, exercise or … moisturize!!!!

Well, I just love the fact that either way… they leave with a big smile on their faces and really enjoy the image consulting session! Soon my website will be international and you’ll get to read all about what I do!

Tip: I use this iPhone application MyNetDiary and it really helps as I get to put there all I eat and it calculates the calories, also how much I lose while I exercise… I love it! My fiance and I use it with pleasure!





I did do it again

I changed my profession… I changed my hairstyle AGAIN, I changed my marital status and I did it again!!!!

So after intensive studies in the capital of fashion, Milan, I am a Professional Image Consultant, Personal Shopper,  Business & Etiquette – Image Expert

I’ve been playing around with different websites to find the best solution when it comes to good advice for my clients, and I’ve put up this boards with different outfits. Here they are:

This is a multifunctional outfit – you can wear it @work, out with your friends, to the movies or even by night with a pair of high heels

Different outfits – I made this for my brother’s girlfriend. She says she’d always like to be dressed to the nines and I gave it a reality twist for day-to-day life and circumstances

A busy working woman needs to be sexy everyday, but still comfortable and up to different situations – a big nude bag is always in handy 😉

The famous Little Black Dress we all have in our closet. This is an up-to-date way of wearing it, of course – I mean with attitude!!!

I’d wear myself this outfit, I kinda’ did it for myself but then I realized it’s perfect for one of my clients, and as autumn is all around in the stores already.. I guess it’s a good inspiration for you too!

As I said, I’ve been looking for a website suitable for my needs, and I have to say POLYVORE has it! Just look how gorgeous is this 4 pieces outfit, and it took just 2 minutes to find everything around! Btw, this is the new way to wear all-black!

End of part one

  Next – my hairstyle!

Yes, I did it again!

Here it is!

It’s curly!!!

Oh, I did featured a magazine with my old hairstyle. It’s ESTETICA, here:

Can you see me ???

End of part two!
Now.. I told you I’ve changed my marital status.. for those of you who don’t know, I “was” (before the change) in a relationship… now I am….. TADAM:


Here’s the photo from the event!

It was a beautiful ceremony @ St. Mina’s Church in Bucharest, and then we had a private pool engagement party! The best day of my life!

End of part three!

Now I know it’s a lot of news, I promise it’s the first and last time I mix my posts, but I want to give you a heads up for what is next!

I have a brand new, 2 months, full-time gym pass!!!!!!

So you’ll be hearing from me any time soon!

For now I’m in home stay because one of my beloved cats felt from 6th floor and had surgery.. when she’ll be better I’ll hit the gym and you’ll know all about my weightless progress!!

Kissez to you all!

Hope you all enjoy the summer!!!




3 steps for healthy weightlost!!!

I have to say life is a wonder

In many ways, we challenge ourselves to be more, be different, achieve more and evolve.

But not always what we want for ourselves it’s the right thing.

For example…..

I did lost weight!

And it was a blessing the way I did it!

For all my readers.. I have to say….

I am amazed and happy and… proud!

It is common sense!

You have to do 3 simple steps:

Step 1:

Drink half of your body weight (in ounces) of water daily!

example: 60 kg = 132 lbs so I have to drink 66 ounces of water = 2 liters of water

Step 2:

Drink all the water with lemon

People believe that the lemon will harm the stomach because it is acid, but the truth is that the lemon has an alkaline effect for the stomach… that means it helps our PH to get neutral (because most of the food we eat is acid) and by doing that we keep out body in the normal state.

Step 3:

Eat 70% alive food every day! Alive food means food with a high content of water: fruits, vegetables, salad and all the NATURAL things that contain water.

The correct way to eat&drink alive food ad water is this one:

Wake up

Drink water with lemon

Wait 10-30 min

Eat fruits!!!!

Wait 10-30 min

Drink water!

Drink water!

Drink water!

Wait 10-30 min

Eat 70% alive food and only one other category of food (example big salad and a slice of cooked fish/meat)

Wait 10-30 min

Drink water!

Drink water!

Drink water!

And so on…!
The trick is to always drink your water at least 10 minutes before and after eating! This way your digestion will be healthy – when you eat and drink right away the gastric acid is diluted with water and the process is slower.

Have 3 meals and 2 snacks every day! The best healthy snack is either a fruit, or a vegetable or  raw nuts! A snack is not a meal, it should fit in your opened fist!!!

I have to say I had immediate results and I was in a peak state all the time!

Full of energy, never hungry and losing weight effortless!

Try this for at least 4 days and you will become a big fan of this way of living!

It’s awesome!!!

The first thing that will happen is your digestion will start a new era and your body will start to eliminate all the toxins inside!

Result? I have 65 cm on my waistline now… so the fat is gone, I look slimmer, and the muscle is where it’s supposed to be, because I still have around 60 kg.. oscillating back and forward… I even reached 58 kg this week!!!

Oh and another thing…. eat in a relaxed mood, cook your meal with love and give thanks!

It worked for me and I know it works for everybody! Nature is the big answer to our problems!!

Kissez my dear readers… and don’t forget…I challenge you!!!

The 4 days challenge by MissB!

3 steps for losing weight healthy!!!

Let me know how it went!

6 days in London, day 22

My life just shifted..!

I went to Unleash The Power Within seminar, an Anthony Robbins trademark now.. and I have to say it’s the ultimate way to make your life become a masterpiece!!!

My programme became much more complex, I will post a brief tomorrow…and the great news is…. I lost 1 kg!!!!!

Isn’t that awesome?!?!?!?!

I am very happy with my body but I know that right now my state is not maximum… so I will take it there!!!

I have no photo of myself from UPW yet.. but my new outstanding friends will send ’em soon and I will sure post one here!

Oh…. I almost forgot!!!!


barefoot and 100% fire friends… I walked on it!!!

Anthony Robbins is the best!!!

As I told you.. my life just shifted!!

You can have the same experience next year.. in London!!!

Check it out!

And now… here’s a really nice pink item I found on the streets of London…!

Hope it’s better than my waistline info tonight!!