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In the middle of the night

It’s late.. So cold outside that the air is frozen..  The night is tumbling over me as I get out of bed half-asleep.. half-naked.. I get my robe and go at the door… my hair is messed up and I can’t really understand what’s happening… I got a phone call earlier tonight and thow the number was blocked I guess it has to do with this late visit…

I open the door and he get’s inside my home as a shadow… with no rumors.. A warm hand grabs me by the shoulder and a sweet kiss on my forehead tells me he’s happy to see me. It was the first time I was doing this in my own house.. It felt so good!

Now his eyes are pointing mine and in a matter of seconds I understand that it’s time. I held my breath all the time he was there. After he left I just went into my bedroom and back to sleep. What if they’ll know? What if they heard?

I can remember every step he took, every slow and quiet move, every hidden smile, every second of complicity and passion… it’s just something we share and no one gets it! … as a gift…our secret!

He has this way of talking, of whispering… He’s so good at it… He’s invisible, he’s unpredictable.. always with an extra something..he takes his time and he always.. but always… does it perfect!

In the morning the kids got up early.. It’s the anxiety and curiosity that woke them up! They usually run like crazy in the living room but today they came giggling into my room and woke me up with lots of tickles! They took both of my hands and basically dragged me downstairs!

Santa Clause came! Santa Clause came! The living room was loaded with presents for all of us, arranged carefully in the middle of the night! They were so happy! It was the perfect Christmas!


la dolce vita

My new passion is Eke, and of course horse riding with Eke!

I love it!

Here’s a preview for you!

You can see I’m with my friend, Miss Alice in Wonderland!


<3 karaoke

Best karaoke in town @ Otro Cafe

Here is the proof:

Party K

Party CF

I ❤ karaoke!!!



This city is not yet covered with spring, but we can all imagine it is, so spring will come faster…