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Love Likes Coincidences

A movie that moved all the pieces inside of me…


Take a moment and go at the mirror.


Now look right in your eyes for 1 minute. Can you do it?

Does it scare you?

Do you like what you see?

Do you love what you see?

Can you feel your soul burning with faith?

If your answer is no, you’ve got issues!

Very quickly you have to hug yourself and start kissing yourself!

What? Don’t you love yourself?

Well if you have a problem with this post and what I suggested you to do, you are a mess, darling!

BUT, it doesn’t matter!

Go do what I told you anyway, you’ll see I’m right!

SO… I highly recommend:

the book and the movie


and then, someday, go do this with your brain! I highly recommend it!



The Preety Rackless versus Jenny Humphrey

I’ll let you judge!

Taylor Momsen: The Pretty Rackless – Make me wanna die

Taylor Momsen: Jenny Humphrey – Gossip Girl

WOW! Do you think you can lie???


– movie series –

All I can say: