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Facebook, LOVE and Christmas

I’m kind of dizzy today… I found out on my own that waking up with the laptop aside is a very bad habit, as I’m still in bed  2 hours later surfing around the internet….

I want a new profile picture for both my blog and F Profile… damn it’s becoming so addictive! It’s one of my 2012 resolutions to ignore Facebook as much as I can… but as I will be broadcasting from Milan soon… I’m not sure I’ll make it possible….!

Till then I have to ask you… about Christmas… should this be the first year without a Christmas Tree? My cats will destroy every ornament, I’m sure… and it’s a lot to handle as I’ll be leaving home in early january for 3 months…

My cats…!



They are lovely but so hyperactive….!

Today I have many questions…

What should I wear for New Years ???

I have this choices:


I have to say this show that’s missing makes me feel like there’s no holiday at all!

So I have this groovy state of mind and I’m acting addictive about this hot song:

I’ll leave you to your thoughts… but I just wonder….

Is it just me, or we all have a lot of questions to answer ourselves this time of year????




Change of heart!!!! Obviously!

Well, now I understand why you always lie!!!


I have this tribute song and video for somebody special,

so here it is! For the old times.. of Mad Jack and Jade Puppe!

And for everybody that relates with this song!

thanks God there’s music

and great performers like B!

they say that if u eat a huge amount of (something) chocolate let’s say :D:D:D, and you just eat and eat until u get sick… you will never eat chocolate again afterwords….

so… let’s take this to the edge… so it can finally disappear!!!!

I knew you were gonna…

break my heart.

now what’s next after that?

is there more?