Every day is a lesson.

So this page is about the lessons life teaches me every day.

16th of May 2012

I don’t learn a lesson from life only once a month… it’s only the fact that I write only what hits me most, so deeply, the things I feel for…

And I wonder if you can really have it all..

I have around me many examples of people who apparently have it all. Some are old, some are young, but they all have something in common…

They have all struggled a lot, worked hard, suffered, paid the price for every glance of happiness.

I thought I knew the perfect couple! They were so beautiful, so right together, they were my model for a family and they were the one I would have chosen to be my spiritual guiding in my – eventual – marriage.

And I got to see their split every step of the way. I was hurt. This is strange. It bothers me. Both their split and the fact that I was hurt by it. It’s beyond me.

But I truly believed in them… and my vision… because it was obviously not the true side of the story… was vanished by “the real life”

Now that makes me wonder…

Do you get it all in life? Because they sure seemed to have it all.. and if you get it all, do you get bored and come up with some stupid mistakes to ruin everything?

I also thought my friends have still their price to pay for the “all” or maybe they are not among the one that little, tiny circle of people…

I know what I want, and I’m gonna get it

I will work first with myself, get me to the point I love myself enough so I can be loved by others, I will live by the spiritual rules of this high energy that is guiding us and that make all wonders happen, I will live in love and loving everything around me, I will give thanks to the Sun because it’s there everyday for me to wake up in its light, I will cherish everything and everybody in my life as the biggest gift to have and I will treat every second of my life as the biggest wonder ever happened.

If I have this life and I see all this beauty and I live all this wonders… what is then this “all”? Isn’t it enough? Isn’t this “all” our ego? Isn’t this “have it all” our superficial need of material things (because of the lack of spiritual ones?)

Well, I told you I know some of this “have it all” circle people… and they live spiritual and they also have this “all”

I guess they went understanding this higher energy better and joined it to put out here in front of us the fact that there is possibility, there are resources, there is strength, there is everything we, people, need to succeed and to live the fantastic life every one of us about!

So look up to them, ask them how they did it, and find it in yourself to be a tool of this great loving energy that made us, and through yourself, show the world its wonders!


Day 7 (17 of April 2012)

I’ve cried with all my heart. May be tears of joy as they can be of sorrow, but it’s the first time in a long time my heart was shuttered.

Did you find the answer for this “forever” question?

– What is the meaning of life?

Well, there is only one answer for this.

The only meaning of life is to feel, express and give true love.

To know love.

To pay it forward.

Day 6 (18 of October 2011)

How people treat you is their Karma…. how you react is yours!

So be good. Just be patient, obedient, calm, peaceful, grateful, kind, love everything around you and treat every situation in your life as it’s the last thing you will do here on earth and this is how people will remember you!

Be flawless and just give your all. You can make the world a better place simply with this action. And if every one of us starts reacting like this… well all around us will be just bliss.

Next time you disagree with something, just smile. Don’t argue. Just let it be. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the person next to you, and make the most of it, because it’s so precious….!

And this is what I found out while missing you with all my heart: If only you were here… no words I’d need to make you feel how deeply I’m sincere…

There’s no love as great as the one you can’t call love ’cause it feels too little..

Day 5 (24 of August 2011)

It’s been a lot of lessons ’till here. But today.. damn! Today I got a great lesson! God put mr.E in my way… he answered my question “what do you wish for?” like this:

The funny thing is I get to know what I wish for when it happens to me!

Wow! Isn’t that a great way to look at life? To receive everything into your life?

Thank’s mr.E for this GREAT point of view!!!

Day 4 (12.08.2011)

It’s been a month. A lot of lessons….

And I know the eyes are the mirror of our soul, but when u sold your soul to the devil your eyes become a sweet, deceitful lie.

I’ve met these eyes… they shut you down so easily, they hypnotize you and leave you  poisonous.

What is the lesson then?

Well, I’ve learned better.

You never know a person after all, the eyes can express harmless but the reality can be 100% opposite…

And you can never trust, right?

Trust is something you only have within yourself.

The others are human, so they can not be as you expect, wish, hope, dream they are.

The reality is as we make it, through our eyes, through our lives and our believes.

Mine is better now, because I’ve learned this valuable lesson.

Your eyes are a mistake in that body, B… and I mean it big time.

Your eyes should be taken off, so you don’t do to others what you did to me.

Or maybe there’s a human soul in that harmful mind and your eyes scream out loud how painful it is to be trapped there. yeah… that could also be true…


Day 3 (12.07.2011)

I never ever left the bright side of life.

I want to sing, I want to paint, I want to dance and I want to write…. all about life!

I’m here, as you are, to make a difference and to make this world better. If you didn’t know this, or if you don’t live with this in your mind everyday, you live for nothing.

Life is not about you, is about what u can do. You are invincible baby, and you can do EVERYTHING.

Because as Henry Ford said:

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”


Try doing everything, you can only discover it’s possible!



Day 2 (8.07.2011)

You make your own life!

I hope everybody will understand this, because it’s great and true! I’ve tried it and it works!

Make the most out of it!

Day 1 (06/07/2011)

There’s a place in my heart nobody ever gets. But never say never, right?

You know… you get the same situation in your life until you learn to treat it right, if you do every time the same thing, you will deal with it over and over again.

So now I go asking myself was this it? Did I do it again?

I felt like I had to leave something that didn’t seem right in my life, you know, and I did it. It was a short decision based on the need of serenity, harmony and the fear of chaos, sleepless nights, stress and worries.

So I ripped my heart away thinking it will be better off this way for everybody, and I left. It felt right in that moment.

After I slept over it I had the strange feeling of something missing from inside my stomach… so I tried to undo everything. That bitter change of heart, when you know the taste might be already gone but you still want to eat..

There is a saying: “Be carefull what you wish, it might just come true.”

So.. what do you think? Next day what happens?

Distance happened. Not the same zip code, not the same city, not the same country, maybe not even the same continent. Just vanished with no return date…

This is life baby, an endless surprise!

What I know?

Everything happens for a reason. You have to be grateful for what life brings you, you’ll be thanking later on.

What else do I know!

Go carpe diem baby! Never regret a thing. It came to you with a specific goal, for you to grow stronger and have your homework done for next time.

And another true story…. well you never realize what’s next to you until is gone!

Sometimes you’re happy it went away, because it wasn’t right, sometimes you’re sad because it was what you really wanted, and sometimes you just don’t know…. but time will tell!

Every day is a journey, today it was without you.

I’ve missed you today, you always made my journey better!


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  1. You’re still missing something…..

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