What did I sign up for?

This life.. is about choices!

You have a great life when your choices lead you to happiness.

We all make choices every single day. But are we happy.

What is “happy” for you?\

I can make sweet a bitter-sweet day with Lana del Ray and her “Ride” song.

But after all life happiness is an emotion. We see, feel, hear and the rest of our 6st senses and this is how an emotion is created.

My only summer is now gone… I don’t know if I’m gonna make it safe to.. well… winter.

Who am I. I am a creator of emotions. I know I made some people happy, and I remember with joy their happy face.

The world is so full of happy-making places and people and all you can see is a matter of perspective. So why do we see gray all around sometimes?

I can tell you what makes me happy.

Creating…. everything. From the image of a company, to the style of a woman, to accessories as bow-tie and jabo’ and turbans.. going further to.. make-up… cookies… paintings.. poetry… all this! And this makes me soooo happy you couldn’t imagine!

Sometimes I wish I could disintegrate my mind in music… and go in a deep metamorphosis with everything around me and go far away with that state of mind until I disappear!

Let me show you what makes happy out of me





And this is what makes me happy!


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