about M.B.


“La Dolce Vita” used to apply for me..

And now that I know this “Dolce Vita” I can understand…


after I’ve grown so much by learning this life as it is,

I can make my own sweet paradise

Just as I want it

As I imagine it

As I build it

Brick by brick

Flawless and unbreakable

 And I sing my own music

 I dance my crazy moves

I read my life-time story

 I write it as I’m old

I paint my dreams in colours

I run out my emotions

I hide from all that’s hallow

 I dress as no tomorrow

I dress up as I’m acting

 I smile away your questions

I style my friends as stars!

I like milk and toast and honey

I love chocolate, I love tea

I love shoes – they take me places…

I can’t choose, I want it all!

I love Rome, my world of greatness

I choose a romantic end

I always full around with passion

I’m only mean if I forget

I’ll wear red lips if I am tired

And I love life with no regret

And when there’s no “La Dolce Vita”…

I have myself to dream about

And how so great is all around me

And even more that is to come

the testimonial of  MissB the Ist, now Mademoiselle Dhalya,

made of cotton candy, pink tutu and joy!

Enjoy my blog!

You’ll love it!



3 responses to “about M.B.

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  2. “I hide

    I dress

    I dress up”…..si eu credeam ca urmeaza I Undress 😀 si cand vad “i smile”

  3. nice one you made it here….
    and all it’s true …she ‘all about it
    the first ”thing” on the list for the lost island….
    the most annoing person sometimes…
    the most honest friend
    hard to keep

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