I am here

My life is about making a difference. My job is about making a difference.

Yesterday I started the diet with my fiance. We went early in the morning with our bicycles and had an our of exercise, than we had a freshly squeezed red grapefruit juice – around 9 AM.

At 12PM I ate my snack – a small plain yogurt  with a tablespoon of cereal.

Lunch was a green salad (125 g) with a can of tuna and half of a lemon.

Around 5 PM another snack – walnuts, 2 tablespoons

Dinner was plain Thai rice, baby carrots and 2 small slices of goat cheese.

I ate a little less than 1000 calories and burned around 800!

This diet is more like a lifestyle choice… eating healthy and working out is not extraordinary.. but it seems harder while we get head over hills with work…

If you feel good.. you look a lot better, so this is my first trick for you!!!!


Today I ate different only the salad – it was a mixed cheese (cheese and Gorgonzola) with tomatoes, cucumbers and of course green salad. I also had 30 grams of chocolate. I choose to eat this because yesterday around 4pm I started obsessing about dinner and I felt dizzy and stuff, and I rather eat a bigger salad at noon and have something really light for dinner.

I have a piece of advice: drink loads of water!!! I drink at least 2 l every day and I just feel so good! It makes the difference!

In my work I often meet people who want a change of their look, wardrobe and style.. but I see that the real problem is the way they feel about their body! By the time the look is changed, they already start the “body” revolution. They suddenly realize that all the hiding and disguising of different weaknesses of their body wouldn’t be necessary if they lost weight, exercise or … moisturize!!!!

Well, I just love the fact that either way… they leave with a big smile on their faces and really enjoy the image consulting session! Soon my website will be international and you’ll get to read all about what I do!

Tip: I use this iPhone application MyNetDiary and it really helps as I get to put there all I eat and it calculates the calories, also how much I lose while I exercise… I love it! My fiance and I use it with pleasure!





2 responses to “I am here

  1. That’s not a diet .. i should call it: TORTURE! poor fiance…

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