I did everything to make you go away….

It’s great, it’s snowing…. I’m decided to totally ignore that.

This is a true testimonial…

I’m at home, woke up this morning at 5:45 and waited for the time to pass me by, watching somebody else’s quiet sleep.

I cooked, as now I often do, and everybody was very pleased.

After that, I went back home, and kidnapped our pet-friend-part of the family – dog Freddy.

He did some things I hated with my carpet so I escorted him back.

Then… my friend went to sleep.

With all the house to myself, I just shyly turned on the tv.

I found today, as a miracle, I have HBO!!!

I watched 2 (TWO) movies – the last one was actually nice, 27 Dresses –  and now I’m waiting for the take-out to come so we’ll have dinner.

Ordinary, I know.

And still ignoring the white, beautiful, romantic, great snow outside…


Ordinary or not, it’s me these days.

I don’t want to figure out the exact reason, but I might have a guess.

Why in the world coud I have this impossible need to not be and do nothing not being???

Well, my friend – best friend – came with the answer.

And by that I mean she shouted it out loud a couple of minutes ago…

It would be great to be an easy task to write it right here… but that’s just something I’m saving for later…

I can just say….

I did everything to make you go away…

P.S: some pictures of Freddy so you all know what I mean


Freddy wearing Tiendafashion Winter Couture

Freddy in his early ages, before becoming a S.T.A.R.

Again, courtesy of Tiendafashion, Pink Winter Sweatshirt

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