I did do it again

I changed my profession… I changed my hairstyle AGAIN, I changed my marital status and I did it again!!!!

So after intensive studies in the capital of fashion, Milan, I am a Professional Image Consultant, Personal Shopper,  Business & Etiquette – Image Expert

I’ve been playing around with different websites to find the best solution when it comes to good advice for my clients, and I’ve put up this boards with different outfits. Here they are:

This is a multifunctional outfit – you can wear it @work, out with your friends, to the movies or even by night with a pair of high heels

Different outfits – I made this for my brother’s girlfriend. She says she’d always like to be dressed to the nines and I gave it a reality twist for day-to-day life and circumstances

A busy working woman needs to be sexy everyday, but still comfortable and up to different situations – a big nude bag is always in handy 😉

The famous Little Black Dress we all have in our closet. This is an up-to-date way of wearing it, of course – I mean with attitude!!!

I’d wear myself this outfit, I kinda’ did it for myself but then I realized it’s perfect for one of my clients, and as autumn is all around in the stores already.. I guess it’s a good inspiration for you too!

As I said, I’ve been looking for a website suitable for my needs, and I have to say POLYVORE has it! Just look how gorgeous is this 4 pieces outfit, and it took just 2 minutes to find everything around! Btw, this is the new way to wear all-black!

End of part one

  Next – my hairstyle!

Yes, I did it again!

Here it is!

It’s curly!!!

Oh, I did featured a magazine with my old hairstyle. It’s ESTETICA, here:

Can you see me ???

End of part two!
Now.. I told you I’ve changed my marital status.. for those of you who don’t know, I “was” (before the change) in a relationship… now I am….. TADAM:


Here’s the photo from the event!

It was a beautiful ceremony @ St. Mina’s Church in Bucharest, and then we had a private pool engagement party! The best day of my life!

End of part three!

Now I know it’s a lot of news, I promise it’s the first and last time I mix my posts, but I want to give you a heads up for what is next!

I have a brand new, 2 months, full-time gym pass!!!!!!

So you’ll be hearing from me any time soon!

For now I’m in home stay because one of my beloved cats felt from 6th floor and had surgery.. when she’ll be better I’ll hit the gym and you’ll know all about my weightless progress!!

Kissez to you all!

Hope you all enjoy the summer!!!




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