3 steps for healthy weightlost!!!

I have to say life is a wonder

In many ways, we challenge ourselves to be more, be different, achieve more and evolve.

But not always what we want for ourselves it’s the right thing.

For example…..

I did lost weight!

And it was a blessing the way I did it!

For all my readers.. I have to say….

I am amazed and happy and… proud!

It is common sense!

You have to do 3 simple steps:

Step 1:

Drink half of your body weight (in ounces) of water daily!

example: 60 kg = 132 lbs so I have to drink 66 ounces of water = 2 liters of water

Step 2:

Drink all the water with lemon

People believe that the lemon will harm the stomach because it is acid, but the truth is that the lemon has an alkaline effect for the stomach… that means it helps our PH to get neutral (because most of the food we eat is acid) and by doing that we keep out body in the normal state.

Step 3:

Eat 70% alive food every day! Alive food means food with a high content of water: fruits, vegetables, salad and all the NATURAL things that contain water.

The correct way to eat&drink alive food ad water is this one:

Wake up

Drink water with lemon

Wait 10-30 min

Eat fruits!!!!

Wait 10-30 min

Drink water!

Drink water!

Drink water!

Wait 10-30 min

Eat 70% alive food and only one other category of food (example big salad and a slice of cooked fish/meat)

Wait 10-30 min

Drink water!

Drink water!

Drink water!

And so on…!
The trick is to always drink your water at least 10 minutes before and after eating! This way your digestion will be healthy – when you eat and drink right away the gastric acid is diluted with water and the process is slower.

Have 3 meals and 2 snacks every day! The best healthy snack is either a fruit, or a vegetable or  raw nuts! A snack is not a meal, it should fit in your opened fist!!!

I have to say I had immediate results and I was in a peak state all the time!

Full of energy, never hungry and losing weight effortless!

Try this for at least 4 days and you will become a big fan of this way of living!

It’s awesome!!!

The first thing that will happen is your digestion will start a new era and your body will start to eliminate all the toxins inside!

Result? I have 65 cm on my waistline now… so the fat is gone, I look slimmer, and the muscle is where it’s supposed to be, because I still have around 60 kg.. oscillating back and forward… I even reached 58 kg this week!!!

Oh and another thing…. eat in a relaxed mood, cook your meal with love and give thanks!

It worked for me and I know it works for everybody! Nature is the big answer to our problems!!

Kissez my dear readers… and don’t forget…I challenge you!!!

The 4 days challenge by MissB!

3 steps for losing weight healthy!!!

Let me know how it went!

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