6 days in London, day 22

My life just shifted..!

I went to Unleash The Power Within seminar, an Anthony Robbins trademark now.. and I have to say it’s the ultimate way to make your life become a masterpiece!!!

My programme became much more complex, I will post a brief tomorrow…and the great news is…. I lost 1 kg!!!!!

Isn’t that awesome?!?!?!?!

I am very happy with my body but I know that right now my state is not maximum… so I will take it there!!!

I have no photo of myself from UPW yet.. but my new outstanding friends will send ’em soon and I will sure post one here!

Oh…. I almost forgot!!!!


barefoot and 100% fire friends… I walked on it!!!

Anthony Robbins is the best!!!

As I told you.. my life just shifted!!

You can have the same experience next year.. in London!!!

Check it out!

And now… here’s a really nice pink item I found on the streets of London…!

Hope it’s better than my waistline info tonight!!


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