Day 4

Today was a great day!!

I had a late dinner with fish (salmon) and at noon I ate some spinach with mushrooms…

Around 5pm I ate a banana and one Kinder Bueno..

I also had an intense workout… at home!

Well… tomorrow I will wake up very early – my gym opens at 6am – and I will translate my workout from today in fitness exercises.. or maybe swimming…

The girls want to go to the pool tomorrow, to get some early tan… but the prognosis said it will rain!

I hope it does… it’s too hot these days…!

Tomorrow I will have an inspired breakfast!

One old friend send me a message on Fb, telling me that she has a similar lifestyle, and that she drinks a natural shake in the morning, as breakfast…

you know I only have the Acai sirup with water..

So today I went at the market and I bought some bananas, strawberries and oranges… for my breakfast tomorrow morning! I kept thinking about it all day!

No club tonight.. I’m very tired… and no alcohol on a diet!

Wish you a great weekend, and remember… the weekend means free from work… not free from your lifestyle!

You’ll see my weekend will be very healthy and will go very well along with my week!


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