nothing left to lose

every day is a blessing, right?

and at the end of the day you have nothing left to lose… because the present is the only thing we’ve got

a vow… is forever. but what is forever when we only have now?

when we’ll finally get there is no tomorrow, we will act different, talk different, walk different, maybe even love different….

I know I must stand strong, take everything that comes as it is, as a gift for my strength to grow. and at some point, when the time is perfect… the masterpiece I’ve built around and within me will reveal.

This is why you are still here. because I’m not strong enough yet. I’m still weak.

You’ll be forgotten soon, you’ll be long gone … you’ll be the eternal sunshine of my spotless mind… ’cause that what you really are. A small spot. Time will wash you out…

So why should we trash love with your average empty heart? You also know it’s just not worth it!

So go trow yourself away, somewhere to be recycled and brought to the real life, where the real people actually really feel!

And sometime… in one of the many lives you’ll spend here on earth learning how to love, maybe you’ll have the chance to be loved and you’ll not blow it… maybe then you’ll find your way up into the higher skis…

This is my official statement, future angel.

I have a masterpiece to build, and you’re just standing in the middle of my way..

Beware… it might crush you! As you did…

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