Loving you

It hurts so much loving you. Because it’s not right. Because you’ll mess up my life, because you’ll mess with my head… because you’ll make me go mad.

I feel the pain as I smile, ’cause I have you in the back of my mind… I feel the joy of your smile, I feel your skin next to mine.

I linger again as you’re gone, I’m going to fell that you’re gone… I’m having a change of my heart.  I’ve put us forever apart.

So how can I get you right back? I wish I’d just call you like that… And tell you I miss you and all that I want you to know, and much more….

My baby… you’re gone now for good. I’ve stuck you away of my mind… I still have you stuck in my heart… I’m fallen so deeply for you…. I’m going to make it be true..

I wish just your smile back for me… I wish just your touch as I see your madly deep eyes staring long…. for my face as I chase you along….

I miss you so bad… as ages ago

But now you are here and still you’re to go

‘Cause I’ve made it hard for us to survive… it’s hell, yes, I know… but it’s keeping me alive.

Kiss[ez] :*

I wish you’d know how I feel

I wish we could be real…

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