Not in the mood to breath

I find it difficult today…

You took away my smile and now it seems you’re not coming back any more…

Hard to believe but everything is nothing without… you. Right?

I guess I’ll have to get used to sleeping with a broken heart. After a while it comes naturally. That.. if you can sleep.

I  have in mind the firs time we’ve  met… damn!

I have in mind the last time also…

You make me tremble… it’s breathtaking…

Maybe you wonder why I tend to be so into you… well I just lose myself when I’m with you…

They say it’s hard to love someone like you

Well, I should have known that from the start… but it’s better off this way now

I’ve decided

We’re breaking up!

And if you… maybe… miss me

I’m gonna have to do something about it!

But only if I miss you too

And because you’re my greatest love…

I may…be come back, again and again and again…

Cause you’re the only one making me lose my virtue…

And for you to live forever I’ll just post your photo, so everyone can see the one who took my heart away…

My greatest and only love, chocolate!!


One response to “Not in the mood to breath

  1. Continua—-muza te-nconjoara—–oricum de bun gust!

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