Thank’s GOD there’s poetry

I had a very strange dream last night

The Pope died in my arms

It hurt so bad I woke up

My grandmother said this is a meaningful dream and that I just ended something not right in my life.

I belive her… It felt so realistic and dogmatic, I couldn’t ever disagree!

Today I wrote a poem

I feel so free.. like I got it all out of my system!

I got something god out of something bad after all

I won’t post it…

It’s a special poem

Just one person in the world can ever read it,

and one person in the world can never read it!


Soon… MissB will be back

For now… we’ll just concentrate on

how to smile

how to wake up

how to eat

how to belive

how to have faith

how to be happy

And while we concentrate on all that

I find a lot of love, joy and honesty around me

And I like to give a special “Thank You!” for that to some people:



The Blue Heart,



Dr. M,

Grand Any,


Madame O,

and a very very very very special “Thank You” for

Lady D


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