All about me

I belive you’d be curious to know what’s been happening in my life….

well, we all have the right to take a break…. so do I.

And that’s what I did, in a way……

As you know I talk in pictures…



Party - Cata's birthday (in the middle), Adina (left), Miss B (right)

From left to right: Adina, Cata, Miss B, Alexandra

Again. Somewhere around last saturday....

custom-made by Tiendafashion... somewhere about Thursday. Now perfectly tailored and a lot shorter 😀

Had a great great great guest, my lovely Stefano!!!... long time ago back in April

purchased a PINK bike... a lot like this one

went shopping and got some gorgeous black lace for my new empire maxi dress... you'll have photos when it's ready..

saw this great romantic movie. made me wanna visit Italy again

saw this great movie also

going at this show! tonight!

painted my nails this colour.... Balilamos, Orly

got my ticket for this show!

got my ticket for THIS show!!!


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