All about Prahova Valley

I just couldn’t keep my mind off this. I have to show you…



First day! All about snow!

The G.I.R.L.S. from left to right: Adina, Irina, Kata, Monique,  Miss B

First 2010 Snow Angel

Up in the mountains... form left to right: Gabriel, Marian, Adina, Fane, Silvia, Miss B, Cristi

Just beautiful..


Brasov, city center

Christmas Carol 🙂

Light Reindeer

Playing pool @ SCOT'S Pub - Marian

Around SCOT'S: great great music, great pub!!




M i s s B

Girls.... from left to right Kata, Adina, Miss B

Alles 😀

Mr. John

High roller... :p

Bad pitzi

went bowling

went clubbing

At The Club.. Me and Monique

Alles around

Greatest couple: Kata&Adi


Monique, Alin, John

The boys: Gabriel, John, Alin, Adi. Missing: Fane, Cristi

  • Sweet chaos
  • S e c r e t s. . .
  • ..going back home

    One response to “All about Prahova Valley

    1. the Legion of 2000

      cel mai bun comentariu pe care l-am facut pana acum si pe care, din pacate, il folosesc des este format din doua cuvinte: “no comment”, insa aici trebuie sa recunosc ca e de comentat faptul ca peisajele din poze sunt mirifice,fetele sunt frumoase,baietii de gasca…si atmosfera super
      succes si tot ce iti doresti

      un oarecare eu,
      the Legion of 2000

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