Sometimes life is extra – ordinary

Thinking life is not ordinary at all, while writing the title of this post I actually realised that life is, for all of us, out of the ordinary. And by saying that I mean –  as we do not know what an ordinary life is because no one has one – that we are all a bunch of lucky bastards, that we do not realise how lucky we are breathing – even if we do not want to – and most of all, how lucky we are with having the chance to choose.

Trust me, if you are feeling unlucky.. it’s because you made some really bad choices at some time in your life. Look at me, at home on Saturday night, but happy. This is the sound of change. It’s not how “in” you are by what you do, it’s how “out” you get of the “in” to find your happiness. DO YOU READ ME?

What’s the point of going somewhere if you don’t really want to. It will just make you unhappy.

A friend of mine exposed a new and fresh point of view that simplifies everything. He said: “If you get to question what you are about to do, it  means you don’t want/need to do it”

It’s simple. Do you question breathing? NO – you just breath!

Do you question eating? NO – if, you are hungry, you eat. Same with the need for water.

But…. if you should.. for example… go somewhere, and you do not know for sure what to do.. you think: “SHOULD I GO THERE?”

Here is your answer! You questioning this particular action is the answer. Clearly, you DO NOT WANT to go there. If you wanted to go, you would have said: I’M GOING THERE!


I hope you did.

Anyway, I want to thank my friend for making my life easier to live…

Here are some photos came out of unquestioned actions.



At prom, few years ago. No.7!!!


It's today one year since this photo was taken. Me, Stella, Adryanna



One of my favourite pictures taken in Buzau. It's me and my lost friend Jim. True love, can't you see?


Me and my best friend! I have this photo framed and on my desk! I love it!


Me and my friend Adryanna, my room - one of the many nights of fun.You can see I was shyly smiling.. :p


This sunset was true happiness. And I mean it!


On the bus just arrived in Antalya. Yes, HAPPY!


In Italy! Just great!


At the lake house, 1st of May this year. The blurry part was the man rowing, he wanted to keep his identity private..



About two years ago in Oradea. Had a great time, great experience, loads of fun. This picture was taken while preparing to go in..Girls night out!



Around Bran Castel at a picnic. I was a member of the Youth Parliament back then.. in highschool!!!!

At the seaside. 1st of february this year... seems ages ago..


Another taste of happy. Vama Veche, February 2009. Damn cold, damn beautiful.


5 (FIVE!!!!!) years ago.... my first (and many) shots of tequila!!! But I was so so so happy!

5 (FIVE!!!!) years ago! My first (and many) shots of tequila. But I was so so so happy!

Of the series: "Small thing make me happy". My uncle's aniversary.



My 19th birthday... obedient of course, one of my most valuable qualities!

My 19th birthday! obedient of course, one of my true valuable qualities!





This was a careless state of mind..

again five years ago... early morning, about the 1st of May... this was my aunt's friend called Alex.. some kind of a guardian back then... =))

April 2009 Vama Veche again. Sometimes happy comes without a smile...

2006 seaside. I guess the picture speaks for itself..


Last but not least...this is what I say: when the world is black and white... your smile will bring the colour!



I wish u loads of smiles on your faces!!!!

Kissez from M i s s B










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