My name my name…..

Well, good point munna..

What about my name?

Well my name was brainstormed once upon a
for Tienda Fashion‘s blog…

The blogger who found it?

Well that’s a secret I’ll never tell..

Just to clear things up –
It happened first on

I have a section just for myself
that I haven’t abandoned…
how can one abandon his first blog ever?

It’s just that we mature, we grow,
and we need to have  something on our own,
to be our ” own designer”…

So that’s what I did!

About the meaning… what can I say…

keep up with this blog and you will

see for yourself what the name means..

just about like watching the famous Tv series..

everything that’s hot and tabu will have a secret section here

…just for insiders if u know what I mean

Don’t forget to visit this great blog:


P.S. this post is for munna :*:*:*:*:*

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